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[Hilarious Punching Failure at Party] Video Play Video

Hilarious Punching Failure at Party

Here's a great party fail. After a few too many cups of punch, this kid shows off his horrible hand-eye coordination by missing his buddy's shoulder completely.

5 years ago 1,674,960
[Painful Car Jumping Failure] Video Play Video

Painful Car Jumping Failure

A dumb kid decides to hop over his dad's trunk and doesn't quite make it. He's a chip off the old block; or maybe just a dent in it.

5 years ago 1,020,490
[The Key to Failure] Video Play Video

The Key to Failure

from truTVs The Smoking Gun Presents - Thursdays at 9PMA cop pulling over a man for speeding makes a rather embarrassing error.from

4 years ago 3,856
[Terrible Towing Failure] Video Play Video

Terrible Towing Failure

There was nothing wrong with this car's rear axle when he first started towing it, but it'll need some body work after this dumb fail.

5 years ago 719,367
[Hilarious Balloon Launch Failure] Video Play Video

Hilarious Balloon Launch Failure

At a recent fundraising event, this group of people released a set of balloons. Each ballon is said to represent one orphan child...

6 years ago 498,447
[Flaming 151 Shot Failure] Video Play Video

Flaming 151 Shot Failure

Heres a good example of how not to take a flaming 151 shot.

7 years ago 485,803
[Old Woman Golf Cart Failure] Video Play Video

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure

A mother-in-law has big problems learning to drive. In Soviet Russia, golf cart drives you!

5 years ago 479,598
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