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[Most Awesome Longboarding Fails] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Longboarding Fails

Bumps, speed, and slopes make longboards a little hard to ride. It's usually easier just to fall off, which these people do very well.

10 months ago 20,628
[Skyrim: Dragon Hunt Short Film] Video Play Video

Skyrim: Dragon Hunt Short Film

This isn't the greatest fan film, but since I'm a die hard Elder Scrolls fan, I have to like it. Here's their youtube page

2 years ago 3,111
[Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art] Video Play Video

Duck Hunt 3D Chalk Art

This week Chris takes on the classic NES game Duck Hunt.

19 hours ago
[Hunt to Kill -- Trailer] Video Play Video

Hunt to Kill -- Trailer

Watch the Hunt to Kill trailer. Watch the Hunt to Kill trailer in 480p or 720p streaming online. delivers official movie trailers previews, teasers and clips in HD for all the hottest coming soon & theatrical releases including the Action ...

3 years ago 6,412
[Minecraft Duck Hunt] Video Play Video

Minecraft Duck Hunt

This is genius. A Minecraft enthusiast created Duck Hunt in the Minecraft engine. Though there's no gun, props for this guys ingenuity.

2 years ago 1,708
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[Gym Faill] Video Play Video

Gym Faill

Dont screw around at the gym!

[Hunting] Video Play Video


What iis your favorite type of hunnting?...

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Deer hunting in Georgia.

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Something is hunting Nerv for some reaso...

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