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[Molotov Cocktail Accident] Video Play Video

Molotov Cocktail Accident

This kid spills half his molotov cocktail down his back. How can he be so wasteful when there are so many needy anarchists in London?

2 years ago 99,928
[Incredible Propane Truck Accident] Video Play Video

Incredible Propane Truck Accident

You know when you're driving behind one of those big propane trucks on the highway and thinking, "I hope those things are strapped on tight." Yeah, sometimes they aren't.

5 months ago 116,936
[Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse] Video Play Video

Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse

This fork lift operator backs up a bit too fast and bumps into the edge of large pallet rack and hits it just hard enough to start a domino effect bringing down the entire warehouse.

4 years ago 1,351,662
[Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever] Video Play Video

Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever

An inexperienced girl jumps on a rope swing at her family reunion and painfully misses the river entirely.

5 years ago 2,023,808
[Cat fails] Video Play Video

Cat fails

Cat miscalculates distance

1 year ago 2,325
[Tragic Chicken Mascot Accident] Video Play Video

Tragic Chicken Mascot Accident

It's easy to recover from being the dork in the mascot outfit who fell over every girl in your class. All you have to do is make several million dollars and become somewhat famous. That's all.

4 years ago 193,719
[Double Crane Fail] Video Play Video

Double Crane Fail

And you thought your day at work was bad.

4 months ago 110,068
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