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[Best How-To Pranks] Video Play Video

Best How-To Pranks

5 Great pranks from a man who's voice needs to be on radio.

5 years ago 45,762
[Dangerous How-To From Terrible Electrician] Video Play Video

Dangerous How-To From Terrible Electrician

Getting electrocuted may not be the worst thing ever to happen to this electrician. Getting video taped getting electrocuted may be.

4 years ago 193,018
[Poker Chip Trick The Shuffle- How-to] Video Play Video

Poker Chip Trick The Shuffle- How-to

In this video I will briefly show how to do a poker chip trick known as the shuffle. Its relatively easy to learn, and with some practice you can be doing it in no time at all.

8 years ago 40,899
[One Direction's Perfect Selfie How-To & Favorite Midnight Me] Video Play Video

One Direction's Perfect Selfie How-To & Favorite Midnight Me

Joslyn Davis interviewed Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson & Zayn Malik from One Direction at The X Factor US to talk about #1D Day, their favorite song on Midnight Memories & what the key to taking a perfect selfie is.

2 years ago 03
[Prank Handbook - 5 Easy How-To Scare Prank Ideas] Video Play Video

Prank Handbook - 5 Easy How-To Scare Prank Ideas

Break users have become pranking professionals, but we want to grow our ranks, so here's a how-to you will find both entertaining and useful. We still have a lot of $1,000 prizes to give away for our ...

5 years ago 30,876
[High Five #124 - How To Break Style] Video Play Video

High Five #124 - How To Break Style

This Week on Break.coms High Five, we have five how-to videos ranging from a simple how-to shuffle poker chips, to computer hard drive and lock picking skills.

6 years ago 5,986
[How To Exercise With Cats] Video Play Video

How To Exercise With Cats

Unsurprisingly, this how-to video takes place in the home... that he never leaves. The cats won't let him.

2 years ago 19,998
[Playing A Fake Desktop Prank] Video Play Video

Playing A Fake Desktop Prank

A nice how-to guide on pranking a co-worker. Just make sure they've got a good sense of humor.

6 years ago 18,688
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