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How To Lose Your Job

A lady calls 911 and complains she is unable to handle her daughter who is stronger than her. The 911 operator suggests they send out someone to shoot her.

8 years ago 684,642
[Tarzan Douglas Loses to Fodor] Video Play Video

Tarzan Douglas Loses to Fodor

Fan favorite MMA fighter David “Tarzan” Douglas is in the news for his big loss to Caros “The Future” Fodor at Strike Force 15 in Stockton, CA. Experts say that Fodor dismantled Douglas, but sadly enough, Douglas still left the ring with the hair he ...

3 years ago 1,974
[Next Time You Think Your Job Sucks] Video Play Video

Next Time You Think Your Job Sucks

I could just see this poor dudes kid at school and the teacher asking the kids what there Dad does for a living and him having to explain it to the class.

7 years ago 734,082
[Video Games Save Dudes Job] Video Play Video

Video Games Save Dudes Job

Usually video games are how you lose your job, but this guy found a way around that problem.

4 years ago 64,611
[This Is The Best Job Ever] Video Play Video

This Is The Best Job Ever

Don't quit your day job.... Don't EVER quit your day job.

2 years ago 167,841
["Jobs"] Video Play Video


This, surprisingly, looks pretty good.

1 year ago 1,018
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[Oil Rigs Job] Video Play Video

Oil Rigs Job

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