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[Best How-To Pranks] Video Play Video

Best How-To Pranks

5 Great pranks from a man who's voice needs to be on radio.

4 years ago 44,243
[Midget Fight On Springer] Video Play Video

Midget Fight On Springer

On a recent Springer episode the topic was "Midget Fights & Todd dates a Tranny." The midget fight portion featured one of the funniest Springer brawls ever.

7 years ago 2,984,124
[Little Guy Wins Fight] Video Play Video

Little Guy Wins Fight

This poor little guy kept getting picked on until he finally had enough and ended up whopping the bigger guys butt. When it was over the bully ended up leaving the party crying,

7 years ago 2,630,985
[Play Fighting Leads to Expensive Accident] Video Play Video

Play Fighting Leads to Expensive Accident

After these two hyper kids' playing fighting goes too far, their parents should be kicking themselves for not insuring their new plasma TV.

5 years ago 2,406,738
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[fighting boy] Video Play Video

fighting boy

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