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[Best How-To Pranks] Video Play Video

Best How-To Pranks

5 Great pranks from a man who's voice needs to be on radio.

7 years ago 45,931
[Dangerous How-To From Terrible Electrician] Video Play Video

Dangerous How-To From Terrible Electrician

Getting electrocuted may not be the worst thing ever to happen to this electrician. Getting video taped getting electrocuted may be.

5 years ago 193,617
[Poker Chip Trick The Shuffle- How-to] Video Play Video

Poker Chip Trick The Shuffle- How-to

In this video I will briefly show how to do a poker chip trick known as the shuffle. Its relatively easy to learn, and with some practice you can be doing it in no time at all.

10 years ago 40,956
[Prank Handbook - 5 Easy How-To Scare Prank Ideas] Video Play Video

Prank Handbook - 5 Easy How-To Scare Prank Ideas

Break users have become pranking professionals, but we want to grow our ranks, so here's a how-to you will find both entertaining and useful. We still have a lot of $1,000 prizes to give away for our ...

6 years ago 30,879
[Midget Fight On Springer] Video Play Video

Midget Fight On Springer

On a recent Springer episode the topic was "Midget Fights & Todd dates a Tranny." The midget fight portion featured one of the funniest Springer brawls ever.

10 years ago 2,990,396
[Little Guy Wins Fight] Video Play Video

Little Guy Wins Fight

This poor little guy kept getting picked on until he finally had enough and ended up whopping the bigger guys butt. When it was over the bully ended up leaving the party crying,

9 years ago 2,727,879
[Brutal Cat Fight After School] Video Play Video

Brutal Cat Fight After School

Two girls go at it after school, this is one of the best cat fights I've seen in a long time. ...

9 years ago 2,321,023
[Short Fight Fat Kid Knockout] Video Play Video

Short Fight Fat Kid Knockout

Not one of the most brutal fights ever, but hilarious nonetheless. Fat kid fights Asian kid and gets knocked out. Bigger they are the harder they fall.

9 years ago 2,724,604
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