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[Women Cant Parallel Park] Video Play Video

Women Cant Parallel Park

After posting the video of the woman trying to pull out of a parking spot we received this little gem of a woman trying to get into one. She attempts to parallel park for like four minutes, what a moron!

10 years ago 2,136,839
[Women Twerks On Top Of Police Car] Video Play Video

Women Twerks On Top Of Police Car

A couple of women are twerking on top of a police car as two police officers are standing by and just watching

3 days ago 135
[Womens Suffrage] Video Play Video

Womens Suffrage

This kid visits a Wilmington Catholic College Prep High School and gets dozens of women to sign a petition to end womens suffrage. Apparently, the kid actually attends the school and we were told got into quite a bit of trouble for shooting the vide...

11 years ago 234,816
[Women for Santorum] Video Play Video

Women for Santorum

Looks like Santorum has the lady vote locked up!

5 years ago 69,663
[The Women Of LA] Video Play Video

The Women Of LA

Hot? Yes. Crappy? Oh yeah...

4 years ago 55,664
[Women Can't Get Into Their Car] Video Play Video

Women Can't Get Into Their Car

How long you figure she spends clicking that thing at her front door when she gets home?

4 years ago 54,842
[Women Fight At Train Station] Video Play Video

Women Fight At Train Station

A woman is beating another woman at the train station. She leaves her by the light post and just walks away

24 days ago 163
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