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[Women Cant Parallel Park] Video Play Video

Women Cant Parallel Park

After posting the video of the woman trying to pull out of a parking spot we received this little gem of a woman trying to get into one. She attempts to parallel park for like four minutes, what a moron!

7 years ago 2,125,566
[Lucky To Be Alive: Unbelievable Footage Of Train Running Over Two Women] Video Play Video

Lucky To Be Alive: Unbelievable Footage Of Train Running Over Two Women

These two ladies were illegally walking on a railroad bridge in Indiana. When a train came down the tracks, they weren't fast enough to outrun the locomotive. Thankfully, they were able to survive by laying down on the tracks. The two women amazingly...

14 hours ago
[Farting in the Women's Bathroom] Video Play Video

Farting in the Women's Bathroom

A British TV show sets up cameras and speakers in the women's bathroom then they make fart noises.

6 years ago 740,111
[Womens Suffrage] Video Play Video

Womens Suffrage

This kid visits a Wilmington Catholic College Prep High School and gets dozens of women to sign a petition to end womens suffrage. Apparently, the kid actually attends the school and we were told got into quite a bit of trouble for shooting the vide...

8 years ago 231,765
[The Women Of LA] Video Play Video

The Women Of LA

Hot? Yes. Crappy? Oh yeah...

1 year ago 53,685
[Women for Santorum] Video Play Video

Women for Santorum

Looks like Santorum has the lady vote locked up!

2 years ago 68,899
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