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[The Wedding Crasher] Video Play Video

The Wedding Crasher

Most of the wedding party was getting annoyed with this crazy chick but she sealed the deal when she started dancing with this pole. Everyone knows that you don't start grab...

6 years ago 770,782
[Amazing Robot Dance!] Video Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance!

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dance contestant Robert Muraine wows the audience with his robotic moves. This brings the art of pop and lock to a whole new level. Forget doing the joke robot at weddings folk...

7 years ago 19,171,515
[Be In My Wedding] Video Play Video

Be In My Wedding

Encore upload! James asks Greg to be in his wedding. Guess what Greg says?

7 years ago 3,584
[Evolution Of The Wedding Dance] Video Play Video

Evolution Of The Wedding Dance

I would have to say this is the best wedding dance video I have seen. It's a mix between the famous Evolution of Dance and The Best Wedding Dance Ever clips. In the pantheon of weddi...

7 years ago 1,043,710
[Another Great First Dance At Wedding] Video Play Video

Another Great First Dance At Wedding

Another great wedding first dance this time from an asian couple that really knows how to pop and lock. Some network right now is pitching the reality show So You Think You Can Dance at Your Wedding.

7 years ago 765,093
[Russian Wedding Dance Battle] Video Play Video

Russian Wedding Dance Battle

A wedding DJ challenges a guest to a dance off and ends up getting quite the surprise. Nice moves!

2 years ago 10,661
[JK Wedding Dance] Video Play Video

JK Wedding Dance

What better way to show your lifetime commitment to all your friends and family then a dance routine to a song titled 'Forever'? Of course, the guy who wrote it famously "br...

6 years ago 621,999
[Embarrassing Wedding Dance Fail] Video Play Video

Embarrassing Wedding Dance Fail

There is no accident in which this dude's dance could've ended that would've been more embarrassing than the dance itself. Bridesmaids' numbers gotten: 0

4 years ago 206,535
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[Wedding Fail] Video Play Video

Wedding Fail

A groomsman falls while dancing down the...