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[Really Bored During Speech] Video Play Video

Really Bored During Speech

If your own publisher can't stay awake while you talk about your new book it's probably a bad sign. May need to spice things up by talking about your first lesbian crush or something. That would make me pay attention!

10 years ago 518,298
[Funniest Best Man Speech Ever] Video Play Video

Funniest Best Man Speech Ever

Anyone whos ever been to a wedding knows that Best Man speeches during the reception always put the best man under pressure to be really funny. This guy killed like Seinfeld, funniest speech ever. Best man speeches seem to be a very delicate art: you...

9 years ago 1,118,159
[One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever Made] Video Play Video

One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever Made

In a 70 year old comedy, Charlie Chaplin plays the role of a poor Jewish barber mistaken for Adolph Hitler. This is a speech Charlie gives at the end of the movie that seems like it fits pretty well with the events of the world today.

5 years ago 602,898
[Funny Graduation Musical Speech] Video Play Video

Funny Graduation Musical Speech

Considering how boring most graduation speeches are this guy's musical journey though the high school experience is actually pretty funny.

8 years ago 292,789
[Post Operation Speech] Video Play Video

Post Operation Speech

After an operation a kid has a crazy speech

6 months ago 1,566
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