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[Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding] Video Play Video

Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding

Is it possible to go from 'best man' to 'guy we'll never talk to again because you destroyed my special day' in 10 seconds? Ask this guy. Spoiler Alert: the answer is a resou...

8 years ago 3,750,559
[Be In My Wedding] Video Play Video

Be In My Wedding

Encore upload! James asks Greg to be in his wedding. Guess what Greg says?

8 years ago 3,616
[The Wedding Crasher] Video Play Video

The Wedding Crasher

Most of the wedding party was getting annoyed with this crazy chick but she sealed the deal when she started dancing with this pole. Everyone knows that you don't start grab...

7 years ago 773,721
[Kat Von D Wedding] Video Play Video

Kat Von D Wedding

Kat Von D Wedding on Newsfeed - LA Ink reality TV Kat Von D and Jesse James have announced they are planning a summer wedding. James was formerly married to actress Sandra Bullock. Nice job buddy, ruin the marriage with the insanely successful actres...

5 years ago 1,027
[Wedding Photographer Fail] Video Play Video

Wedding Photographer Fail

Funny how the bride and groom just walk on by until they realize the wedding pictures are in the water too.

4 years ago 2,739,788
[Bridal Party Entrance Fail] Video Play Video

Bridal Party Entrance Fail

A bridesmaid and groomsmen come through the entrance dancing. The bridesmaid dances way too crazy and falls over on the floor; she gets up and continuing going crazy

1 month ago 207
[Horny Dog Ruins Music Video] Video Play Video

Horny Dog Ruins Music Video

This girl wants to make a music video of her dancing but unfortunately her horny dog Hapu ruins everything.

9 years ago 1,562,660
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