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[Bridal Party Dances To Thriller] Video Play Video

Bridal Party Dances To Thriller

This is pretty funny. An entire bridal party burst into the thriller dance in the middle of a reception.

8 years ago 1,230,091
[Kid Dances Thriller at Ball Game] Video Play Video

Kid Dances Thriller at Ball Game

This kid busts a move to Michael Jacksons Thriller at a baseball game. The music starts and he steps up to the aisle and shows off some awesome skills.

3 years ago 200
[Amazing Robot Dance!] Video Play Video

Amazing Robot Dance!

This is the best robot dance video I've ever seen! So You Think You Can Dance contestant Robert Muraine wows the audience with his robotic moves. This brings the art of pop and lock to a whole new level. Forget doing the joke robot at weddings folk...

6 years ago 19,162,467
[Indian Thriller] Video Play Video

Indian Thriller

I dont know where all these weird Indian movie clips are coming from lately but this one is pretty interesting. Here's is a very strange Indian interpretation of Michael Jackson's thriller.

8 years ago 608,913
[Little Kid's Epic Dance Moves] Video Play Video

Little Kid's Epic Dance Moves

In between innings of a Major League baseball game the stadium cam focuses in on this little kid, so he decides to bust out his favorite dance moves.

3 years ago 144,084
[Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage] Video Play Video

Dance Contest Girl Falls Off Stage

During the dance off portion of the Baltimore Dancehall Queen Competition this girl gets a little too dizzy and disoriented from all that head banging and ends up falling right off the back of the stage. Better than Ms Teen South Carolina...

7 years ago 1,264,095
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