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[Best Movie Sports Teams] Video Play Video

Best Movie Sports Teams

With the NFL starting tonight, we invited a panel from Schmoes Know to participate in a Screen Junkies fantasy football draft.

5 days ago 1,973
[Old Woman Golf Cart Failure] Video Play Video

Old Woman Golf Cart Failure

A mother-in-law has big problems learning to drive. In Soviet Russia, golf cart drives you!

5 years ago 473,239
[Team Celebrates Too Early and Loses] Video Play Video

Team Celebrates Too Early and Loses

A basketball player hits what he thinks will be the game-winning shot in overtime, until someone on the other team throws up a prayer with 0.6 seconds left to win the game.

3 years ago 388,604
[Hilarious Swat Team Prank] Video Play Video

Hilarious Swat Team Prank

One of the best pranks Ive seen in a long time. A couple middle school boys are innocently hanging out watching TV when all of a sudden the SWAT team bursts in and scares the living crap out of one kid in particular. ...

6 years ago 1,053,596
[The All-Bear Hockey Team] Video Play Video

The All-Bear Hockey Team

Either this is a leaked scene from Mighty Ducks 4, or The Bear Olympics are well under way in Stalingrad.

5 years ago 863,091
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