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[How To Impress On The Golf Course] Video Play Video

How To Impress On The Golf Course

Your boss wants you to arrange a golf outing for the entire team, but you’ve never spent a day on the greens. What do you do? Listen to and follow these simple steps, to make it seem like you’ve spent hours and hours lugging your 9 iron and 3 wood ar...

2 years ago 8,109
[Mr. Doubletalk Pranks Tour Team] Video Play Video

Mr. Doubletalk Pranks Tour Team

This might just be the greatest troll of all time. Mr Doubletalk poses as a reporter and pranks the Bridgestone Golf Tour Team.

5 years ago 156,930
[Golf] Video Play Video


Sebastian hits the course to help a first time golfer how learn how to play the game and fill a family void.

7 months ago 50
[Before and After Photo] Video Play Video

Before and After Photo

Before you go out and buy the latest pill, weight-lifting equipment, or magical bean based on before-and-after photos, check out this video. What you're seeing isn't necessarily true.

5 years ago 102,589
[Team Work] Video Play Video

Team Work

A guy comes up from a ramp and a bunch of guys catch him. They carry him over and put him down on the rails to grind down

1 month ago 303
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[Urban Golfing] Video Play Video

Urban Golfing

XTreme Team takes up some Urban Golfing

[Golf] Video Play Video


Sebastian hits the course to help a firs...

[Thats not Golf] Video Play Video

Thats not Golf

Footage taken from a yearly golf tournam...

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