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[How To Impress On The Golf Course] Video Play Video

How To Impress On The Golf Course

Your boss wants you to arrange a golf outing for the entire team, but you’ve never spent a day on the greens. What do you do? Listen to and follow these simple steps, to make it seem like you’ve spent hours and hours lugging your 9 iron and 3 wood ar...

1 year ago 8,081
[Mr. Doubletalk Pranks Tour Team] Video Play Video

Mr. Doubletalk Pranks Tour Team

This might just be the greatest troll of all time. Mr Doubletalk poses as a reporter and pranks the Bridgestone Golf Tour Team.

5 years ago 156,925
[Golf] Video Play Video


Sebastian hits the course to help a first time golfer how learn how to play the game and fill a family void.

3 months ago 25
[Before and After Photo] Video Play Video

Before and After Photo

Before you go out and buy the latest pill, weight-lifting equipment, or magical bean based on before-and-after photos, check out this video. What you're seeing isn't necessarily true.

4 years ago 102,569
[How Not To Play Golf] Video Play Video

How Not To Play Golf

Well he almost got a hole in one... in his head.

1 year ago 98,486
[Some People Are Born To Love Golf] Video Play Video

Some People Are Born To Love Golf

Some people have pretty clear career paths. Thanks to Sam Blewett the Little Aussie Golfer for sending this one to us! More from Sam here:

24 days ago 30,423
[Team Ireland] Video Play Video

Team Ireland

Highlights from the first night of the Captain's Cup 2010

6 years ago 424
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[Urban Golfing] Video Play Video

Urban Golfing

XTreme Team takes up some Urban Golfing

[Golf] Video Play Video


Sebastian hits the course to help a firs...