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[Epic Animal Street Fight] Video Play Video

Epic Animal Street Fight

Two birds and a black cat gang up and attack a white cat in an epic animal street fight.

5 years ago 467,842
[French Street Fight Sucker Punch] Video Play Video

French Street Fight Sucker Punch

A couple French guys get into an argument, and one of them takes a sickeningly quick punch that propels his head into a car. Somehow he is OK afterward.

7 years ago 1,006,527
[Funny Street Fight] Video Play Video

Funny Street Fight

This funny street fight is from the Calgary Stampede in 1991, a Canadian rodeo festival where people apparently dress like glam rockers and kick a lot of air.

7 years ago 613,285
[Dude Attacks Street Performer] Video Play Video

Dude Attacks Street Performer

A business man can no longer handle a street performer's singing so he attacks him with a chair.

5 years ago 176,808
[Guy Busts Windshield Out of Car With Sword] Video Play Video

Guy Busts Windshield Out of Car With Sword

An argument in the streets of Prague led to a guy busting out his foe's windshield with a sword. See? Chivalry isn't dead. It's just bloated and dressing like Mick Foley.

5 years ago 4,074,542
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