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[Epic Animal Street Fight] Video Play Video

Epic Animal Street Fight

Two birds and a black cat gang up and attack a white cat in an epic animal street fight.

5 years ago 467,557
[French Street Fight Sucker Punch] Video Play Video

French Street Fight Sucker Punch

A couple French guys get into an argument, and one of them takes a sickeningly quick punch that propels his head into a car. Somehow he is OK afterward.

7 years ago 1,005,035
[Funny Street Fight] Video Play Video

Funny Street Fight

This funny street fight is from the Calgary Stampede in 1991, a Canadian rodeo festival where people apparently dress like glam rockers and kick a lot of air.

7 years ago 610,108
[Guy Busts Windshield Out of Car With Sword] Video Play Video

Guy Busts Windshield Out of Car With Sword

An argument in the streets of Prague led to a guy busting out his foe's windshield with a sword. See? Chivalry isn't dead. It's just bloated and dressing like Mick Foley.

5 years ago 4,074,388
[Street Fight Girl Karate Kick] Video Play Video

Street Fight Girl Karate Kick

In a fight, never underestimate your opponent. You never know what they might have up their sleeve.

6 years ago 640,274
[Dude Attacks Street Performer] Video Play Video

Dude Attacks Street Performer

A business man can no longer handle a street performer's singing so he attacks him with a chair.

5 years ago 176,747
[Best One Punch Knockout Ever] Video Play Video

Best One Punch Knockout Ever

Awesome street fight footage right here. This has got to be one of my all time favorite one punch knockouts. Not sure why everyone was angry with the winner, he literally could not of thrown less punches. ...

8 years ago 2,965,489
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