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[School Bully Gets One Punched] Video Play Video

School Bully Gets One Punched

A school bully picks on a kid about half his size during recess. The bully pushes the kid up against the school wall and the little guy throws a mean hook knocking the bully unconscious.

9 years ago 4,284,591
[Dad Beats Up Kid At School] Video Play Video

Dad Beats Up Kid At School

This guy was told his kid continues to skip Math class so he comes to the school and ends up kicking the kids butt in the schools office. The funny part is it turns out to be a clerical error and the kid never missed any class.

9 years ago 659,077
[Brutal Cat Fight After School] Video Play Video

Brutal Cat Fight After School

Two girls go at it after school, this is one of the best cat fights I've seen in a long time. ...

9 years ago 2,322,621
[Fight At The Carnival] Video Play Video

Fight At The Carnival

Naturally, cotton candy on a hazy Sunday afternoon leads to a gang war.

8 years ago 60,389
[High School Graduation Fight] Video Play Video

High School Graduation Fight

This is actually a really competitive high school. They give out just five diplomas a year, and this is how they're awarded. Would you watch high school fight competitions like this if some enterprising TV executive greenlit a reality show about it? ...

6 years ago 283,244
[High School Hockey Fight] Video Play Video

High School Hockey Fight

You expect graceful skating, colorful uniforms and good sportsmanship in hockey, but never fighting.

6 years ago 26,258
[Bully Gets Cracked with Baseball Bat] Video Play Video

Bully Gets Cracked with Baseball Bat

A bully picking on a little kid ends up becoming batting practice for some crazy guy wearing a cape.

7 years ago 3,566,824
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