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[Massive Russian Brawl] Video Play Video

Massive Russian Brawl

When theres nothing else going on Russians like to organize massive brawls in public parks. Whatever happened to playing football?

7 years ago 521,953
[Norrkoping and Linkoping Brawl In the Forest] Video Play Video

Norrkoping and Linkoping Brawl In the Forest

All you need to know is that the towns of Norrkoping and Linkoping, in Sweden, hate each other. They don't need any excuse to throw down in the name of their tribal conflict.

5 years ago 16,887
[Midget Fight On Springer] Video Play Video

Midget Fight On Springer

On a recent Springer episode the topic was "Midget Fights & Todd dates a Tranny." The midget fight portion featured one of the funniest Springer brawls ever.

8 years ago 2,988,967
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