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[Cute Girl and Her Funny Laugh] Video Play Video

Cute Girl and Her Funny Laugh

A good laugh can definitely make a girl cuter. This girl's laugh makes the guys around her wonder whether or not she is on mind-altering substances.

8 years ago 1,271,290
[Funny Fail In Snow] Video Play Video

Funny Fail In Snow

A guy does a flip off the bar and lands into the snow

17 days ago 201
[Funny Dog] Video Play Video

Funny Dog


4 years ago 14,805
[Acrobatic Gym Funny Fail] Video Play Video

Acrobatic Gym Funny Fail

Two guys are doing acrobatic jumps at a gym and collide into each other

17 days ago 110
[Funny Moments In Soccer] Video Play Video

Funny Moments In Soccer

Im not even a big follower of soccer or futbol or whatever you want to call it, but even I laughed pretty hard at some of these bloopers and stupid moments. Who knew soccer was such a funny sport.

9 years ago 1,082,729
[Really Funny Maze Scare] Video Play Video

Really Funny Maze Scare

Haven't seen a funny scary maze reaction in a while. This guy looks like he would barely react to the maze scare prank. The bigger they are the harder they fall I guess. ...

10 years ago 1,069,667
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[Brittany] Video Play Video


Brittany performs during the Mid America...