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[Stupid and Funny Construction Accident] Video Play Video

Stupid and Funny Construction Accident

Not exactly sure what these guys were building, but sometimes wearing a cup is as important as wearing a hard hat.

6 years ago 852,917
[Funny Soccer Celebration] Video Play Video

Funny Soccer Celebration

This isn't your average soccer fight. After a sweet goal, a forward begins a choreographed celebration that's pretty awesome.

5 years ago 1,038,295
[FUNNY MONKEY VIDEO!] Video Play Video


Hi I'm Melissa Villasenor and you're watching Newsfeed. So here's one of today's top videos that I wanted to share with you. [Watches monkey video]. I'm Melissa Villasenor and wanna see something cool? Oh yeah!

2 years ago 16,808
[Horny Dog Ruins Music Video] Video Play Video

Horny Dog Ruins Music Video

This girl wants to make a music video of her dancing but unfortunately her horny dog Hapu ruins everything.

7 years ago 1,526,688
[Top 10 Funny Fireworks Videos] Video Play Video

Top 10 Funny Fireworks Videos

The 4th of July is like Christmas at Break - pranks and fails abound. Stay safe, and definitely keep those cameras rolling.

4 years ago 181,581
[Holiday Hitlist - Funny Christmas Videos] Video Play Video

Holiday Hitlist - Funny Christmas Videos

The funniest Christmas videos from our favorite YouTubers, plus some classics from the Break vault. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

4 years ago 7,051
[Funny Cat Video: Frustrated Cat Loses Pigeon] Video Play Video

Funny Cat Video: Frustrated Cat Loses Pigeon

This cat slowly moves up on a pigeon but just as he is about to pounce the pigeon coincidentally decides to fly away. The cats reaction to the disappointment is hilarious. This funny cat video makes the cat almost look human. It almost makes him a L...

5 years ago 587,551
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