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[Tie Fighter: Jimmy VS Freddie] Video Play Video

Tie Fighter: Jimmy VS Freddie

Things get weird fast when Jimmy Kimmel and Freddie Wong fight over ties.

3 months ago 32,530
[Freddy Krueger the Wrestler? Oh Yes!] Video Play Video

Freddy Krueger the Wrestler? Oh Yes!

In this awesomely cheesy 80's clip, courtesy of Dread Central, you'll see our man Fred Krueger like you've never seen him before! He's in the ring, bustin' out to his hit single, 'Do The Freddie'. Wrestler, pop star, deranged killer- is there anythin...

4 years ago 32,878
[Freddy Krueger In Mortal Kombat?] Video Play Video

Freddy Krueger In Mortal Kombat?

Yessir. Krueger is storming the internet with one epic question -- What the hell is he doing in Mortal Kombat? I had to admit he's got some serious moves.

3 years ago 4,615
[Dial 1-900 Freddy For All Fears N' Tears] Video Play Video

Dial 1-900 Freddy For All Fears N' Tears

For all calls forward this to your next nightmare, Freddy Kruger is standing by. Just remember it will cost you 2.95 per minute. Have good weekend boils and gruels.

4 years ago 1,692
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