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Freds mom hasnt come back home from the bar since Fred had his play date with Bertha. At first Fred is extremely happy, but then reality hits!

8 years ago 25,838
[Fred Bello Hits Two Inside-The-Park Home Runs] Video Play Video

Fred Bello Hits Two Inside-The-Park Home Runs

They say the inside-the-park home run is the most exciting play in baseball. Fred Bello of the minor league Everett AquaSox hit two of them in back-to-back games. He is the most exciting man in baseball. This week.

6 years ago 49,068
[World's Best Video Production Company] Video Play Video

World's Best Video Production Company

Move over George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Fred and Sharon's movies will blow your shops out of the water. I know who I'm calling for next my birthday party.

8 years ago 245,079
[C'mon Scoob] Video Play Video

C'mon Scoob

Shraggy thinks he needs Scoob's help to keep Fred from killing himself, but Scoob knows what he really wants: a big sandwich.
More at

5 years ago 54,270
[Wii Games: Summer 2010 Trailer] Video Play Video

Wii Games: Summer 2010 Trailer

This trailer featuring Mario and Shawn Johnson introduces the nationwide tour of competitive Nintendo events taking place across the country. If they really want to convince me to go, they should get Fred Savage instead.

6 years ago 2,441
[I'm With Stupid] Video Play Video

I'm With Stupid

Did you know that the world is ending soon and we're all going to hell? Well this nut job is warning all us evil doers by holding up a sign that says "Heaven or Hell U Choose" outside a local Wall Mart. We should all get together and pull this prank ...

10 years ago 420,500
[Freddy Krueger the Wrestler? Oh Yes!] Video Play Video

Freddy Krueger the Wrestler? Oh Yes!

In this awesomely cheesy 80's clip, courtesy of Dread Central, you'll see our man Fred Krueger like you've never seen him before! He's in the ring, bustin' out to his hit single, 'Do The Freddie'. Wrestler, pop star, deranged killer- is there anythin...

6 years ago 33,022
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[Fred] Video Play Video


Freds mom hasnt come back home from the ...

[Fred at 40] Video Play Video

Fred at 40

Will Fred still be making videos in 34 y...

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Freds Franks

The windows were rolled down as we pulle...