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[I'm With Stupid] Video Play Video

I'm With Stupid

Did you know that the world is ending soon and we're all going to hell? Well this nut job is warning all us evil doers by holding up a sign that says "Heaven or Hell U Choose" outside a local Wall Mart. We should all get together and pull this prank ...

10 years ago 420,500
[Fred] Video Play Video


Freds mom hasnt come back home from the bar since Fred had his play date with Bertha. At first Fred is extremely happy, but then reality hits!

8 years ago 25,838
[Crazy Phelps Family On Trya] Video Play Video

Crazy Phelps Family On Trya

That crazy woman from the Westborough Baptist church went on Tyra the other day with her equally psycho daughters. This is actually part 2 of the interview part one was long and not as interesting. Can you imagine dating one of those daughters? Yikes...

10 years ago 1,172,917
[Fred Bello Hits Two Inside-The-Park Home Runs] Video Play Video

Fred Bello Hits Two Inside-The-Park Home Runs

They say the inside-the-park home run is the most exciting play in baseball. Fred Bello of the minor league Everett AquaSox hit two of them in back-to-back games. He is the most exciting man in baseball. This week.

6 years ago 49,068
[Nose Rinsing World Championships] Video Play Video

Nose Rinsing World Championships

A competitive event that includes both a pool and pot? Has Michael Phelps been notified?

5 years ago 89,513
[World's Best Video Production Company] Video Play Video

World's Best Video Production Company

Move over George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Fred and Sharon's movies will blow your shops out of the water. I know who I'm calling for next my birthday party.

9 years ago 245,081
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