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[Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane] Video Play Video

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

This might be the best office flip out video every captured on film. Some dude goes absolutely insane.

8 years ago 4,752,153
[Government Worker] Video Play Video

Government Worker

How a government worker gets the job done.

9 years ago 438,088
[Someone Is Getting Fired...] Video Play Video

Someone Is Getting Fired...

So with boats, do you pull over, take photos, and exchange insurance information?

2 years ago 1,043
[Workers Rip Apart Bosses Car] Video Play Video

Workers Rip Apart Bosses Car

A couple workers jump in some pretty big machines and literally tear their bosses car in half. I think its a safe bet that this was their last day on the job.

9 years ago 556,027
[Co-Worker Maze Scare] Video Play Video

Co-Worker Maze Scare

We get a lot of maze scare prank videos and usually the reactions arent really worth posting. However every once in a while we get one that is has that certain some...

10 years ago 930,996
[Gunshots Fired At JFK Airport] Video Play Video

Gunshots Fired At JFK Airport

Gunshots were fired at JFK airport and now everyone is waiting to be released

1 hour ago 142
[Construction Worker Gets Dropped] Video Play Video

Construction Worker Gets Dropped

An apprentice sneaks up behind his foreman and pulls a prank that likely got him killed later in the day.

8 years ago 364,521
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