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[ALL WORKED UP: Grace Under Fire] Video Play Video

ALL WORKED UP: Grace Under Fire

Byran asks Grace back because he needs her help serving papers, and she proves her worth.

3 years ago 1,001
[Dude Gets Fired By Steve Ballmer] Video Play Video

Dude Gets Fired By Steve Ballmer

How one Microsoft employee didn't "bing" good enough for Steve Ballmer. At a time when Americans are scared, jobless, and homeless, we wanted to create a comedy that would resonate with how Americans are feeling. We are Scott Rose and Ernie Brandon, ...

4 years ago 156,466
[Fire In The Hole Compilation] Video Play Video

Fire In The Hole Compilation

Screwing with minimum wagers working at the drive-thru is a heartless and cruel practice. It is, however, extremely funny to watch. Funny > Mean. Therefore, funny wins. In honor of the silliest American holiday, we have put together the 10 best April...

6 years ago 707,878
[fire tornado] Video Play Video

fire tornado

Firet tornadoes exist... and theyre awesome

1 month ago 2,274
[The Wall of Fire] Video Play Video

The Wall of Fire

These guys broke the world record for the longest wall of fire at just over 1 KM in length.

6 years ago 773,075
[You Can't Drown Fire Ants!] Video Play Video

You Can't Drown Fire Ants!

Fire ants, working together, create an unsinkable raft. But you know there's one ant in the middle who's taking it easy

2 years ago 157,848
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[fire work!] Video Play Video

fire work!

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