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[This Is The Best Job Ever] Video Play Video

This Is The Best Job Ever

Don't quit your day job.... Don't EVER quit your day job.

1 year ago 165,205
["Jobs"] Video Play Video


This, surprisingly, looks pretty good.

1 year ago 946
[Girl Lights Face on Fire] Video Play Video

Girl Lights Face on Fire

You're trying to be a fire breather but have no professional training? That is just idiotic... wait, is that a Break shirt? Awesome! Good job!

2 years ago 68,339
[How To Lose Your Job] Video Play Video

How To Lose Your Job

A lady calls 911 and complains she is unable to handle her daughter who is stronger than her. The 911 operator suggests they send out someone to shoot her.

7 years ago 684,501
[Most Awesome: Snow Jobs] Video Play Video

Most Awesome: Snow Jobs

Forget sleigh rides and jingle bells; 'tis really the season for snowball launchers and girls rubbing against snowmen.

5 years ago 1,143,490
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