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[Fired Employee Destroys Office] Video Play Video

Fired Employee Destroys Office

Clearly, the whole situation is the boss' fault. He fires and insults someone, and then leaves them alone in his office--what did he think would happen?

8 years ago 929,034
[Employee's Starbucks Rant Song] Video Play Video

Employee's Starbucks Rant Song

This Starbucks rant got this guy fired. I'm not sure why-- Starbucks seems to love playing and selling singer/songwriters' music. I guess it was the non-stop insults to their customers they found off-putting.

5 years ago 122,982
[Drunk Dad Destroys Christmas Tree] Video Play Video

Drunk Dad Destroys Christmas Tree

Dad just set the Christmas tree on fire. This is what happens when your egg nog cocktail is one part egg nog and five parts crazy.

5 years ago 128,793
[Cute Chick Destroys MP3 Players] Video Play Video

Cute Chick Destroys MP3 Players

This cutie pie wanted to test the durability of 4 popular MP3 players. She shoots, stomps, tosses, and even lights them on fire until only one MP3 player still works. Ok, so sh...

9 years ago 797,903
[Heavy Fire: Black Arms] Video Play Video

Heavy Fire: Black Arms

Destroying enemies on the Wii is far more satisfying than with a controller.

6 years ago 5,919
[Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire] Video Play Video

Vacuum Cleaner Sucks Up Fire

If this didn't completely destroy the vacuum once the fire was out it would of made a great infomercial.

5 years ago 229,299
[This City In Chile Is Literally On Fire] Video Play Video

This City In Chile Is Literally On Fire

The city of Valparaiso in Chile is currently on fire. Tragically, two people have died and more than 500 homes have been destroyed. Thousands have had to be evacuated.

2 years ago 61,799
[Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In UK] Video Play Video

Man Destroys T-Mobile Store In UK

No one knows what drove this man to destroy this T-Mobile store, but we have to admit: he did a pretty good job at it. The fire extinguisher was a nice touch as well.

4 years ago 128,254
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