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[Fired Employee Destroys Office] Video Play Video

Fired Employee Destroys Office

Clearly, the whole situation is the boss' fault. He fires and insults someone, and then leaves them alone in his office--what did he think would happen?

8 years ago 929,034
[Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office] Video Play Video

Idiot Fires Shotgun In Office

Some curious idiot finds out the easy way whether a shotgun sitting on some chicks desk is loaded.

8 years ago 429,148
[Burger King Employees Decide It’s Time To Ventilate The Office] Video Play Video

Burger King Employees Decide It’s Time To Ventilate The Office

These flame broiled geniuses got a phone call from what they thought was the Burger King Headquarters and the King himself, warning them that gas pressure in the restaurant was building up and the windows needed to be busted out to save everyone from...

11 months ago 6,953
[Employee's Starbucks Rant Song] Video Play Video

Employee's Starbucks Rant Song

This Starbucks rant got this guy fired. I'm not sure why-- Starbucks seems to love playing and selling singer/songwriters' music. I guess it was the non-stop insults to their customers they found off-putting.

5 years ago 122,982
[Office Space Rube Goldberg] Video Play Video

Office Space Rube Goldberg

I have a feeling business is pretty slow if the employees are creating such elaborate contraptions. I love the ending, very creative.

10 years ago 515,655
[Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane] Video Play Video

Office Worker Goes Absolutely Insane

This might be the best office flip out video every captured on film. Some dude goes absolutely insane.

8 years ago 4,753,623
[IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees] Video Play Video

IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees

Some poor IT guy is forced to pause his Halo game in order to deal with a bunch of dumb employees who are absolute morons. Voices have been altered to protect identities, it's not a company of elves.

8 years ago 1,630,728
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With the dwindling economy cutting jobs,...