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[Massive Escalator Leap and Faceplant] Video Play Video

Massive Escalator Leap and Faceplant

Here's a classic Break vid for Thanksgiving--I've never seen a guy fail this badly while trying to get to that 2-for-1 sale down at the bottom of the mall.

6 years ago 1,528,498
[Lambo Leap] Video Play Video

Lambo Leap

The entire crowd wanted this man to screw up. So did you.

2 years ago 62,736
[What Is Leap Year?] Video Play Video

What Is Leap Year?

Great little clip that explains why everyone has to go to work an extra day this year.

3 years ago 42,676
[Leaping Lundqvist] Video Play Video

Leaping Lundqvist

Hal Gill fires a rocket at the net but Henrik Lundqvist dives back across for a spectacular blocker save.

4 years ago 56
[Painful Leap of Faith Over River] Video Play Video

Painful Leap of Faith Over River

A chubby kid nicknamed 'Bigfoot' jumps over a river. Does this count as a failed parkour attempt if it is out in nature, or should we just file this one under complete stupidity?

6 years ago 739,655
[Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus] Video Play Video

Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus

Jumping off a bridge and slamming down onto a bus was the easy part; the real dare was wearing that ridiculous biker outfit while doing the jump.

6 years ago 439,457
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Cat with fawn


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