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[Small Deer Jumps Into Lion's Cage] Video Play Video

Small Deer Jumps Into Lion's Cage

A small deer jumps into a lions cage and after getting caught somehow escapes to safety.

5 years ago 80,332
[Baby Deer Escapes Lions Deadly Grip] Video Play Video

Baby Deer Escapes Lions Deadly Grip

A fawn jumped from a nearby wood into the lion pit at the national zoo in Washington, D.C. Luckily, it was able to escape from the lion that initially caught it.

5 years ago 211,243
[Deer Fails At Jumping Fence] Video Play Video

Deer Fails At Jumping Fence

This deer learns at the top of his jump that he no longer has the legs to clear a six foot fence.

6 years ago 197,487
[Rescued Baby Deer Will Melt Your Heart] Video Play Video

Rescued Baby Deer Will Melt Your Heart

And the momma deer is waiting right there... For licensing inquiries please email us at

1 year ago 39,752
[Mother Deer Destroys Dog] Video Play Video

Mother Deer Destroys Dog

Of all the dog videos out there, this is one of my favorites. A mother deer walks into the middle of a suburb to rescue her little fawn and when she feels threaten by a friendly dog she runs over and lands a flurry of kicks on the poor thing. That do...

5 years ago 578,056
[Fawn Rescue] Video Play Video

Fawn Rescue

The fawn made a full recovery

2 months ago 13
[Cat with fawn] Video Play Video

Cat with fawn


10 months ago 60
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[Baby Deer] Video Play Video

Baby Deer

This is so cool, 3 deer, (2 fawns and th...

[Mabel and Rick] Video Play Video

Mabel and Rick

Mabel the fawn and Rick Chaboudy of Sunc...

[Ghetto Deer] Video Play Video

Ghetto Deer

For those people asking if the dog is ok...