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[IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees] Video Play Video

IT Guy Vs Dumb Employees

Some poor IT guy is forced to pause his Halo game in order to deal with a bunch of dumb employees who are absolute morons. Voices have been altered to protect identities, it's not a company of elves.

8 years ago 1,630,730
[Fired Employee Destroys Office] Video Play Video

Fired Employee Destroys Office

Clearly, the whole situation is the boss' fault. He fires and insults someone, and then leaves them alone in his office--what did he think would happen?

8 years ago 929,035
[Employee of the Month Inside Trailer] Video Play Video

Employee of the Month Inside Trailer

In Employee of the Month Jessica Simpson is attracted to hard working, self motivated, successful guys (much like Britney Spears in real life). The movie opened last weekend and the producers of the show sent over this behind the scenes trailer from...

10 years ago 529,505
[Gross Employee Caught on CCTV] Video Play Video

Gross Employee Caught on CCTV

A frustrated employee must have a bad case of the Mondays, because he decides to pull a prank with the watercooler that's below the belt.

8 years ago 416,282
[New Employee Plaster Prank] Video Play Video

New Employee Plaster Prank

This new employee attempts to prove his strength but instead proves his stupidity.

8 years ago 300,383
[Airbus Employees Work Really Fast] Video Play Video

Airbus Employees Work Really Fast

I thought this was a pretty cool video to watch. It shows in an ultra fast speed all the steps involved while building an Airbus A340.

9 years ago 282,935
[Fast Food Employee Freaks Out] Video Play Video

Fast Food Employee Freaks Out

This guy freaks out over being recorded at work, yelling "Don't record me!" Seriously? It can't be that big a secret that you work there.

6 years ago 242,211
[Two Geese Attack AIG Employee] Video Play Video

Two Geese Attack AIG Employee

I am not sure how these geese got screwed by AIG but the first employee they find in the companies parking lot they chase and bite.

7 years ago 194,472
[Employee Takes a Dive] Video Play Video

Employee Takes a Dive

That explains why they get one thirty minute break for lunch, and two fifteen minute breaks for drying off.

6 years ago 152,720
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