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[Employee of the Month Inside Trailer] Video Play Video

Employee of the Month Inside Trailer

In Employee of the Month Jessica Simpson is attracted to hard working, self motivated, successful guys (much like Britney Spears in real life). The movie opened last weekend and the producers of the show sent over this behind the scenes trailer from...

10 years ago 529,483
[Machete Marauder Repelled By Man With Mop] Video Play Video

Machete Marauder Repelled By Man With Mop

The store is safe, and the front door is cleaner than it's been in years. Somebody is really trying to beef up his stats for Employee Of The Month!

4 years ago 103,845
[Fired Employee Destroys Office] Video Play Video

Fired Employee Destroys Office

Clearly, the whole situation is the boss' fault. He fires and insults someone, and then leaves them alone in his office--what did he think would happen?

8 years ago 928,954
[Airbus Employees Work Really Fast] Video Play Video

Airbus Employees Work Really Fast

I thought this was a pretty cool video to watch. It shows in an ultra fast speed all the steps involved while building an Airbus A340.

9 years ago 282,922
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