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[A Real Head Turner] Video Play Video

A Real Head Turner

This almost hurts to watch. This guy is double jointed in his neck and can literally look behind himself.

9 years ago 414,042
[Double Standard?] Video Play Video

Double Standard?

In the wake of Don Imus getting suspended heres a video of a guy who went on CSpan a while back and announces he wants to kill all white people. Where was Al Sharpton after this? Did this guy get picketed and fired? Shouldnt he be held to Sharptons s...

8 years ago 786,357
[Best Double Play Ever] Video Play Video

Best Double Play Ever

This catcher is obviously on steroids, and should be banned for life.

6 years ago 610,418
[Double front flip fail] Video Play Video

Double front flip fail

Russian kid performs front flips in the snow, ends with a face plant.

13 days ago 10
[The Double KO] Video Play Video

The Double KO

He goes down and keeps going down.

3 months ago 85,232
[Winter funny double fail] Video Play Video

Winter funny double fail

Downhill Winter inner-tube fun ends with a funny pop up fail. The tube flips over and dumps out it's riders.

13 days ago 08
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[Seeing Double] Video Play Video

Seeing Double

Trying the clone effect. temporary, ill ...