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[Bully Gets Jaw Broken] Video Play Video

Bully Gets Jaw Broken

Bully picks on an asian boy until he has enough. The asian boy kicks the bully butt and gives him a broken jaw.

6 years ago 227,097
[Chick Breaks Jaw On Rail] Video Play Video

Chick Breaks Jaw On Rail

This chick is trying to jump onto a rail while snowboarding but ends up breaking her chin with a massive faceplant.

7 years ago 184,177
[If Jaws Was Made By Disney] Video Play Video

If Jaws Was Made By Disney

This is what Jaws would have looked like had Disney originally produced it.

4 years ago 129,595
[They Call It A Jaw Harp And It’s Weird] Video Play Video

They Call It A Jaw Harp And It’s Weird

It’s called a mouth harp, a jaw harp or even a jew’s harp and is basically just a flexible reed in a frame. Just hold it in your mouth and pluck it with your finger to produce a note. Change the note by changing the shape of your mouth. It’s pretty...

2 months ago 40,117
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[Seeing Double] Video Play Video

Seeing Double

Trying the clone effect. temporary, ill ...

[SZCZEKI (JAWS)] Video Play Video


three people going to theirs bathrooms a...

[Jaw Discomfort] Video Play Video

Jaw Discomfort

Quadrabloc™ is a non invasive device con...