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[Double Standard?] Video Play Video

Double Standard?

In the wake of Don Imus getting suspended heres a video of a guy who went on CSpan a while back and announces he wants to kill all white people. Where was Al Sharpton after this? Did this guy get picketed and fired? Shouldnt he be held to Sharptons s...

7 years ago 785,523
[The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant] Video Play Video

The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant

This dude lands so perfectly on his face that it almost looks as if it was his intended landing.

14 days ago 79,029
[Best Double Play Ever] Video Play Video

Best Double Play Ever

This catcher is obviously on steroids, and should be banned for life.

4 years ago 608,446
[Crazy Double Scooter Crash] Video Play Video

Crazy Double Scooter Crash

A woman opens her car door, sending one scooter crashing into another. Right now, the guy from the scooter on the left is thanking God that his side air bag deployed in time to keep him from eating asphalt.

2 years ago 173,858
[Ridiculous Kickboxing Double Knockdown] Video Play Video

Ridiculous Kickboxing Double Knockdown

This short kickboxing sequence seems to include everything but the kitchen sink. It appears, though, that you can use a kitchen sink as long as you find it in the crowd.

3 years ago 459,142
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