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[Double front flip fail] Video Play Video

Double front flip fail

Russian kid performs front flips in the snow, ends with a face plant.

2 months ago 3,121
[The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant] Video Play Video

The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant

This dude lands so perfectly on his face that it almost looks as if it was his intended landing.

1 year ago 81,788
[Double back flip fail] Video Play Video

Double back flip fail

A young boy attempts a back flip off a sand dune. He lands right on his face. Ouch.

5 months ago 205
[Double Faceplant Off Ramp] Video Play Video

Double Faceplant Off Ramp

This dude and his girlfriend fall over the handlebars and land face first after attempting to jump a ramp.

6 years ago 154,584
[Double Backflip Faceplant] Video Play Video

Double Backflip Faceplant

This kids tries a double backflip on the beach but ends up not getting enough spin slamming face first into the sand. It turns out trying to impress women at the beach is best done by saving a drowning swimmer and not by backflips. He had to learn so...

7 years ago 332,323
[Rollerblader's Double Backflip Faceplant] Video Play Video

Rollerblader's Double Backflip Faceplant

We're still waiting for a judge's ruling, but it appears he actually spent more time on sliding his face than rolling on his blades.

4 years ago 50,060
[Kid Suffers Double Unicycle Fail] Video Play Video

Kid Suffers Double Unicycle Fail

If you wear shin guards, you deserve to get punched in the face. Who knew that unicycles agreed?

5 years ago 116,851
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