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[The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant] Video Play Video

The Ol' Double Backflip Faceplant

This dude lands so perfectly on his face that it almost looks as if it was his intended landing.

13 days ago 78,937
[Drag Race Double Crash] Video Play Video

Drag Race Double Crash

When drag racers crash and a guy faceplants (all in one video) everyone wins.

5 years ago 358,472
[Double Backflip Faceplant Off Trampoline] Video Play Video

Double Backflip Faceplant Off Trampoline

You would think it's impossible to get hurt jumping into a pile of foam cushions but this dude managed to find a way to knock out both of his front teeth.

3 years ago 101,450
[Kid Suffers Double Unicycle Fail] Video Play Video

Kid Suffers Double Unicycle Fail

If you wear shin guards, you deserve to get punched in the face. Who knew that unicycles agreed?

3 years ago 116,598
[In the face!!!] Video Play Video

In the face!!!

and that , is the only reason to watch volleyball

1 month ago 5,603
[Pitcher Stops Line Drive With Her Face] Video Play Video

Pitcher Stops Line Drive With Her Face

The first baseman even manages to catch the ball before it hits the ground and tries to get the runner returning to first. Redefines the term 'double header.'

4 years ago 541,844
[Double Standard?] Video Play Video

Double Standard?

In the wake of Don Imus getting suspended heres a video of a guy who went on CSpan a while back and announces he wants to kill all white people. Where was Al Sharpton after this? Did this guy get picketed and fired? Shouldnt he be held to Sharptons s...

7 years ago 785,521
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