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[MC Hammer Vader Busts a Move] Video Play Video

MC Hammer Vader Busts a Move

Whoa, so MC Hammer war really Emperor Palpatine the whole time?! What a crazy twist.

4 years ago 1,827
[Darth Vader Lightsaber Fail] Video Play Video

Darth Vader Lightsaber Fail

I guess the force was just a little too strong in this one. The Dark Side can never catch a break.

6 years ago 188,763
[Darth Vader Gets A Parking Ticket] Video Play Video

Darth Vader Gets A Parking Ticket

We're not sure what's more surprising, that Darth didn't use force choke, that Stormtroopers actually showed up to assist, or that Darth Vader sounds like he is from Brooklyn.

4 years ago 236,879
[Darth Vader Throws Opening Pitch] Video Play Video

Darth Vader Throws Opening Pitch

The Omaha Royals minor league baseball team recently played host to Star Wars Night. Darth Vader tossed out the opening pitch - a dark slider. He force-choked the ump until he called it a strike.

6 years ago 5,561
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