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[Most Awesome Broken Bones] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Broken Bones

Okay, the title may be a bit of on this one - we cant prove all these people broke any bones, but whatever happens to them is not pleasant. An older brother bashes his little bros nose, a snowboarder is knocked out cold, a mallrat destroys whatever ...

7 years ago 44,901
[Skater's Ankle Broken Completely Sideways] Video Play Video

Skater's Ankle Broken Completely Sideways

The internet as we know it was built on the broken bones of stupid skateboarders. Here's a particularly gross dislocation and the aftermath at the hospital.

5 years ago 432,578
[Most Awesome Daredevils] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Daredevils

These five awesome videos feature five Daredevils who love to test fate and risk it all, more or less. For more visit

3 years ago 73,223
[Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus] Video Play Video

Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus

Jumping off a bridge and slamming down onto a bus was the easy part; the real dare was wearing that ridiculous biker outfit while doing the jump.

6 years ago 438,412
[Snowboard Daredevils] Video Play Video

Snowboard Daredevils

Snow looks like slush, but these guys can hang 10

6 years ago 10,258
[Asian Boy Heart Broken] Video Play Video

Asian Boy Heart Broken

A little asian boy is all excited to give flowers to his crush. Unfortunately he experience what will likely be a life full of rejections from girls.

8 years ago 1,013,899
[Rabbits Fight Broken Up By Roosters] Video Play Video

Rabbits Fight Broken Up By Roosters

Here is something you dont see everyday. A couple of rabbits get into a fight at a farm when suddenly two roosters jump in between them to break it up.

7 years ago 1,237,589
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[broken wrist] Video Play Video

broken wrist

Gordon Rose breaks his wrist ice skating...