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[Most Awesome Daredevils] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Daredevils

These five awesome videos feature five Daredevils who love to test fate and risk it all, more or less. For more visit

3 years ago 73,223
[Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus] Video Play Video

Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus

Jumping off a bridge and slamming down onto a bus was the easy part; the real dare was wearing that ridiculous biker outfit while doing the jump.

6 years ago 438,412
[Snowboard Daredevils] Video Play Video

Snowboard Daredevils

Snow looks like slush, but these guys can hang 10

6 years ago 10,258
[Kid Swings From Crane Hook] Video Play Video

Kid Swings From Crane Hook

An amateur daredevil performs a cool stunt by flipping from a crane hook with no harness. He must be hooked on adrenaline.

5 years ago 193,734
[Daredevil Skydives In A Coffin] Video Play Video

Daredevil Skydives In A Coffin

Well, if he failed, he'd already be ready to be buried so in a way, he wins either way?

1 year ago 23,335
[Teen Daredevil Narrowly Misses Train] Video Play Video

Teen Daredevil Narrowly Misses Train

This idiot in Australia dashes across railroad tracks and just misses getting hit by a speeding train. Don't attempt this at home-- it can only be done in a train station.

3 years ago 186,131
[Daredevils Climb the Second Tallest Building in the World] Video Play Video

Daredevils Climb the Second Tallest Building in the World

A pair of urban daredevils with absolutely no fear of heights climbed to the top of the Shanghai Tower. At more than 2,000 feet tall, it's the second tallest building on the planet.

9 months ago 40,434
[Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen] Video Play Video

Strongest Kid You've Ever Seen

His parents are pretty sure he's going to grow up to be either a superhero or a male stripper.

5 years ago 3,362,858
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