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[Daredevil Skydives In A Coffin] Video Play Video

Daredevil Skydives In A Coffin

Well, if he failed, he'd already be ready to be buried so in a way, he wins either way?

8 months ago 22,687
[Most Awesome Daredevils] Video Play Video

Most Awesome Daredevils

These five awesome videos feature five Daredevils who love to test fate and risk it all, more or less. For more visit

2 years ago 73,050
[Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus] Video Play Video

Daredevil Leaps from Bridge to Bus

Jumping off a bridge and slamming down onto a bus was the easy part; the real dare was wearing that ridiculous biker outfit while doing the jump.

5 years ago 433,362
[Daredevils Climb the Second Tallest Building in the World] Video Play Video

Daredevils Climb the Second Tallest Building in the World

A pair of urban daredevils with absolutely no fear of heights climbed to the top of the Shanghai Tower. At more than 2,000 feet tall, it's the second tallest building on the planet.

2 months ago 39,800
[Crazy Russian Acrobats] Video Play Video

Crazy Russian Acrobats

Russians are natural daredevils. But, these two could use some help with coordination

2 years ago 21,241
[Show off fail] Video Play Video

Show off fail

Connor on his scooter

1 year ago 802
[Sale Fail] Video Play Video

Sale Fail

from truTVs Operation Repo - Mondays at 9:30Sonia and Lyndah receive some hostility from an obnoxious duo having a yard sale.from

3 years ago 1,054
[Handspring Fail] Video Play Video

Handspring Fail

He's going to need a new spine.

4 months ago 132,276
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[Daredevil CMO] Video Play Video

Daredevil CMO

Responsys executive hits the slopes less...