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[Smoked Out] Video Play Video

Smoked Out

A kid caught sucking on cancer sticks won't rat out his supplier and gets suspended.

6 years ago 41,219
[Smoking Baby Hooked on Cigarettes] Video Play Video

Smoking Baby Hooked on Cigarettes

An Indonesian baby is hooked on nicotine because his mother feels she is powerless to deny him his habit. He supposedly smokes two packs, about 40 cigarettes, a d...

4 years ago 1,376,903
[Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge] Video Play Video

Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge

One time someone bet me a quarter to eat a packet of peppers from Pizza Hut. Yeah, I cried like a baby, but I don't know what the smoking girl in this video is complaining about. I'd eat a spoonful of cinnamon for fifty cents and not bat an eyelash. ...

6 years ago 1,349,348
[Worlds Most Dangerous Comic] Video Play Video

Worlds Most Dangerous Comic

This is a clip from Americas Got Talent. This guy claims to be the worlds most dangerous comic. After viewing the clip he deserves the title.

8 years ago 749,004
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