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[Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel] Video Play Video

Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel

A truck driver dozes off while driving down the highway. The road makes a pretty sharp turn and the driver slams into a metal barrier causing his truck to swerve out of control.

7 years ago 1,095,885
[Dog Falls Asleep While Drinking] Video Play Video

Dog Falls Asleep While Drinking

After a long day this little fella can't figure out why everytime he falls asleep his nose gets wet.

4 years ago 482,191
[Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls Hard] Video Play Video

Dancing Lingerie Babe Falls Hard

Finally, a video of a hot chick going down face first onto her girlfriend's rug that's safe for work.

5 years ago 6,983,433
[Kid Falls Asleep While Standing] Video Play Video

Kid Falls Asleep While Standing

Skiing can take a lot out of you, especially if you are just a kid. That guy decides it's time for a nap and he doesn't care if he's still out on the slopes or standing up.

2 years ago 75,403
[Man Falls Through Office Ceiling] Video Play Video

Man Falls Through Office Ceiling

These chicks are busy working when suddenly from the second floor some dude falls through the ceiling and crashes onto their desks.

4 years ago 218,611
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