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[Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel] Video Play Video

Truck Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel

A truck driver dozes off while driving down the highway. The road makes a pretty sharp turn and the driver slams into a metal barrier causing his truck to swerve out of control.

9 years ago 1,105,226
[FedEx Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel] Video Play Video

FedEx Driver Falls Asleep At The Wheel

Very lucky that didn’t end badly for the FedEx driver and anyone else. A 2005 poll indicated 168 million drivers have admitted to driving while feeling tired, and 37% have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel. That’s over 100 million people who ...

3 months ago 42,804
[Dog Falls Asleep While Drinking] Video Play Video

Dog Falls Asleep While Drinking

After a long day this little fella can't figure out why everytime he falls asleep his nose gets wet.

6 years ago 487,534
[Cute Dog Falls Asleep] Video Play Video

Cute Dog Falls Asleep

A dog is asleep by the time the owner pulls the cover off of the dog

3 months ago 2,451
[Cat fall asleep funny] Video Play Video

Cat fall asleep funny

A person films their cat falling asleep on a footstool.

10 months ago 740
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