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[Craigslist Scams] Video Play Video

Craigslist Scams

Craigslist Scams on Newsfeed - So you’re looking for some deals on stuff but don’t want to get murdered while purchasing a used lampshade. That’s fair. Here are 3 tips to use craigslist safely so you can stop using lawn chairs and a ping pong table a...

3 years ago 9,369
[Craigslist Killer] Video Play Video

Craigslist Killer

You can find a lot of great things on Craigslist, however a good hitman is not one of them. See more HaeringBone Sketches

3 years ago 6,017
[Randy's Craigslist Concert] Video Play Video

Randy's Craigslist Concert

Randy gives us the low down on why he loves Craigslist.

4 years ago 96,076
[Worlds Most Dangerous Comic] Video Play Video

Worlds Most Dangerous Comic

This is a clip from Americas Got Talent. This guy claims to be the worlds most dangerous comic. After viewing the clip he deserves the title.

7 years ago 748,802
[Dangerous Explosive Mallets] Video Play Video

Dangerous Explosive Mallets

When you can't afford a Nintendo or a copy of Bomberman, you just have to improvise.

5 years ago 294,325
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[Craigslist] Video Play Video


You never can be too sure of the dangers...