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[So Tired] Video Play Video

So Tired

A kid is eating dinner and slowly begins to fall asleep. His parents have a pillow for him to rest on after done eating

9 months ago 285
[The Dangerous Streets Of Canada] Video Play Video

The Dangerous Streets Of Canada

Two highly intoxicated women get busted for stealing a bag of tasty BBQ flavored potato chips. This is why The Onion News doesn't work that well with the Canadian audience.

4 years ago 220,574
[Horse Gets Tired Of Annoying Owner] Video Play Video

Horse Gets Tired Of Annoying Owner

This guy takes a swift kick to the head from a horse that gets tired of his annoying owner.

8 years ago 311,158
[Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever] Video Play Video

Worst Rope Swing Accident Ever

An inexperienced girl jumps on a rope swing at her family reunion and painfully misses the river entirely.

8 years ago 2,143,598
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