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[The Dangerous Streets Of Canada] Video Play Video

The Dangerous Streets Of Canada

Two highly intoxicated women get busted for stealing a bag of tasty BBQ flavored potato chips. This is why The Onion News doesn't work that well with the Canadian audience.

3 years ago 207,492
[Horse Gets Tired Of Annoying Owner] Video Play Video

Horse Gets Tired Of Annoying Owner

This guy takes a swift kick to the head from a horse that gets tired of his annoying owner.

7 years ago 311,089
[The Dangers Of Puddle Jumping] Video Play Video

The Dangers Of Puddle Jumping

If your buddy wants to film you jumping into a puddle, maybe be a little suspicious.

3 years ago 110,460
[One Dangerous Game of Darts] Video Play Video

One Dangerous Game of Darts

On the internet, one bad decision usually turns into a really, really bad decision. Especially when it involves throwing darts at your coworker. From our friends over at College Humor, who have a new show on MTV. Check it out Sunday night.

7 years ago 293,412
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[Tired Tires?] Video Play Video

Tired Tires?

( They may be made of rub...