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[Stop Motion Piano And Drums] Video Play Video

Stop Motion Piano And Drums

Just because you dont know how to play the piano or drums doesnt mean you cant make music. This must have taken a long time to compile.

7 years ago 2,245,334
[Slow Motion Water Balloon Popped] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Water Balloon Popped

Ever wonder what popping a water balloon looks like in super slow motion? This is a video recorded at 4,000 frames per second of a knife puncturing a water balloon, pretty sweet.

7 years ago 2,362,590
[Sneezing In Ultra Slow Motion] Video Play Video

Sneezing In Ultra Slow Motion

A thousand-frame-per-second camera captures amazing footage of people spraying snot everywhere. Imagine what will happen when the film industry finds out about this.

5 years ago 1,033,985
[Slow Motion Face Slap] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Face Slap

This guy films himself with a hi-speed camera getting slapped in the face by his buddy.

7 years ago 996,736
[Slow Motion Soccer Ownage] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Soccer Ownage

Hats off to this kid (literally) as he displays his top-notch reflexes as a soccer ball flies directly into face.

5 years ago 773,643
[Stop Motion Dance Off] Video Play Video

Stop Motion Dance Off

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we solved all disputes through stop motion dance offs while wearing red and yellow jump suits? Anyone with a grievance should be able to pick a color, press record and make a move. I predict no more world wars ...

7 years ago 758,053
[Slow Motion Tomato in Blender] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender

Ultra slow motion footage of a tomato in a blender. Very cool to watch actually.

6 years ago 732,973
[Motion Activated Sprinkler Vs Pigeons] Video Play Video

Motion Activated Sprinkler Vs Pigeons

Are you sick of pigeons crapping all over your pool or backyard? Are plastic owls not getting the job done? It might be time to try the motion activated sprinkler defense system.

7 years ago 705,102
[Japanese Slow Motion Food Fight] Video Play Video

Japanese Slow Motion Food Fight

Those crazy Japanese guys who created the pong game and the Matrix fight are back and this time they act out a food fight in slow motion. I love these things, they must take so much time to put toghether.

7 years ago 1,039,447
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