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[Stop Motion GI Joe  War] Video Play Video

Stop Motion GI Joe War

This guy has made a really cool stop motion video of his GI Joes fighting a war. I love these because you know it took hours to complete a video like this.

6 years ago 442,025
[The Motion Of The Ocean] Video Play Video

The Motion Of The Ocean

Looks kind of like Van Gogh made the oceans in this.

6 months ago 38,319
[Japanese Slow Motion Food Fight] Video Play Video

Japanese Slow Motion Food Fight

Those crazy Japanese guys who created the pong game and the Matrix fight are back and this time they act out a food fight in slow motion. I love these things, they must take so much time to put toghether.

6 years ago 1,039,050
[Slow Motion Destruction] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Destruction

These guys use a super-high FPS camera and capture amazing shots of a bunch of things being destroyed.

3 years ago 297,305
[Slow Motion Tomato in Blender] Video Play Video

Slow Motion Tomato in Blender

Ultra slow motion footage of a tomato in a blender. Very cool to watch actually.

6 years ago 731,855
[Tetris Stop Motion 3D Chalk Art] Video Play Video

Tetris Stop Motion 3D Chalk Art

Artist Chris Carlson creates an awesome chalk stop motion of everyone's favorite childhood game: Tetris!

8 days ago 23,928
[Impossible Motion Trick] Video Play Video

Impossible Motion Trick

Very cool motion trick that I thought I had figured out until the end.

3 years ago 229,472
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[Stick Motion] Video Play Video

Stick Motion

Just a mess about with the Idea of Stop ...