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[Pre-Confederation Tokens | Canadian Coin Sets] Video Play Video

Pre-Confederation Tokens | Canadian Coin Sets

Visit Us To Get More Info : Pre-Confederation Tokens. pre-Confederation tokens are so much valued to the people, who are deeply in love with collecting coins and different sort of currencies, because of having case very exciting ...

2 years ago 09
[Sunshine Coast Trail (Free Cabin Stay at Confederation Lake) fin] Video Play Video

Sunshine Coast Trail (Free Cabin Stay at Confederation Lake) fin

I hiked up to Confederation Lake, and the Confederation Lake cabin on the Sunshine Coast Trail this past Saturday and shot this footage. The weather was terrible, rain and more rain. I wouldnt recommend this hike unless you have some experience hikin...

4 years ago 33
[Trillion Dollar Coin? Do whuut now!?] Video Play Video

Trillion Dollar Coin? Do whuut now!?

Chet gives a patriotic speech on how to really solve the nations financial woes, the answer is a lot simpler than you might think.

3 years ago 13
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[Chet vs Oprah] Video Play Video

Chet vs Oprah

Chet gives Oprah a piece of his mind, in...