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[The Luckiest Soccer Flag in the World] Video Play Video

The Luckiest Soccer Flag in the World

I want to believe in reincarnation, because maybe if I'm a good enough person in this life, I can come back as this soccer flag in the next.

7 years ago 774,740
[Veteran Cuts Down Mexican Flag] Video Play Video

Veteran Cuts Down Mexican Flag

A Veteran from Reno took matters into his own hands and cut down a Mexican flag that was illegally flying over the American flag. Good for him!

9 years ago 643,126
[Flag Football Player Gets Rocked] Video Play Video

Flag Football Player Gets Rocked

One dumb guy takes the game a little too seriously and slams his defender as hard as Joey Porter. Watch it again on your phone on Break's mobile site -

8 years ago 335,435
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