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[Sick Backflip Catch] Video Play Video

Sick Backflip Catch

If only Terrel Owens had half the concentration of this kid. Sick catch bro!

6 years ago 847,197
[Cartoon Fails! Care Bears] Video Play Video

Cartoon Fails! Care Bears

The Care Bear Stare is a fighting technique that requires a lot of concentration, but concentrating too hard can backfire.

3 years ago 78,768
[Backbreaker Get Into The Game Trailer] Video Play Video

Backbreaker Get Into The Game Trailer

Not having an NFL license can free you up to concentrate on other things-- like making a game that's actually different and fun. And that seems like what Natural Motion is doing with this ridiculously amazing-looking football game.

4 years ago 532
[New Predators Character Profile: Alice Braga's Isabelle] Video Play Video

New Predators Character Profile: Alice Braga's Isabelle

It’s tough being a pretty lady in a man’s world. Fortunately for Isabelle, Alice Braga’s character in Predators, she’s got some CIA black ops sniper skills to fall back on. Here’s the latest Predators character profile, concentrating on everyone’s fa...

4 years ago 563
[concentrating Chakra] Video Play Video

concentrating Chakra

Heres how to focus chakra before a battle.

4 years ago 20
[Taking A Dab Of Some BHO Shatter Cannabis Concentrate] Video Play Video

Taking A Dab Of Some BHO Shatter Cannabis Concentrate

The butane extracted hash-oil has gradually been getting the attention of marijuana smokers from all over. BHO is so potent that even a small amount, say the size of a tic tac, is equivalent to smoking an entire joint in one toke. The effect is so st...

1 month ago 03
[How To Make ISO Shatter Cannabis Concentrate Dab] Video Play Video

How To Make ISO Shatter Cannabis Concentrate Dab

This is an instructional video on how to make an ISO shatter cannabis concentrate dab. We are using 90% Isopropyl alcohol and a 100 micron bubble hush. LINKS- Website- http-// Facebook- http-// Ca...

1 month ago
[Solar Hot Water System with a Parabolic Concentrator] Video Play Video

Solar Hot Water System with a Parabolic Concentrator

One year ago, Solartron Energy Systems Inc. introduced the world to the first commercial available solar concentrator. The new 15ft (4.5m) diameter SolarBeam is capable of providing 13kW (44,000 btus) of thermal heat per hour. Unlike solar flat pla...

4 years ago 70
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[Omo 'One Slap'] Video Play Video

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