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[Sick Backflip Catch] Video Play Video

Sick Backflip Catch

If only Terrel Owens had half the concentration of this kid. Sick catch bro!

8 years ago 848,162
[Cartoon Fails! Care Bears] Video Play Video

Cartoon Fails! Care Bears

The Care Bear Stare is a fighting technique that requires a lot of concentration, but concentrating too hard can backfire.

5 years ago 79,225
[Bergen-Belsen] Video Play Video


Getting a glimpse into a family member’s life, Leo, Sarina and Seb take a walk into Bergen-Belsen, a concentration camp.

5 months ago
[Backbreaker Get Into The Game Trailer] Video Play Video

Backbreaker Get Into The Game Trailer

Not having an NFL license can free you up to concentrate on other things-- like making a game that's actually different and fun. And that seems like what Natural Motion is doing with this ridiculously amazing-looking football game.

6 years ago 551
[New Predators Character Profile: Alice Braga's Isabelle] Video Play Video

New Predators Character Profile: Alice Braga's Isabelle

It’s tough being a pretty lady in a man’s world. Fortunately for Isabelle, Alice Braga’s character in Predators, she’s got some CIA black ops sniper skills to fall back on. Here’s the latest Predators character profile, concentrating on everyone’s fa...

6 years ago 708
[Concentrate] Video Play Video



7 years ago 1,402
[The Secret Law Of Attraction - Mental Concentration] Video Play Video

The Secret Law Of Attraction - Mental Concentration shows how anyone interested in The Secret, Law of Attraction, Science of Getting Rich, The Master Key System, Think & Grow Rich, and other success methodologies can acquire the single most important skill to win!

8 years ago 2,537
[1 Brain Exercise For Better Mental Concentration] Video Play Video

1 Brain Exercise For Better Mental Concentration presents this brain exercise based off a special training approach called Neuro-Sculpting, the most effective method on the planet for getting more personal power through Concentration, Focus, and Willpower.

8 years ago 490
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