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[Try Not To Laugh Challenge] Video Play Video

Try Not To Laugh Challenge

Challenge yourself and try not to laugh or smile during this entire four minute long video. I don't know what it is about laughing, but it is so easy to catch, much like a social disease. Or like yawning. But seriously, try not to laugh, giggle, or c...

7 years ago 2,837,599
[Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge] Video Play Video

Smoking Girl Cinnamon Challenge

One time someone bet me a quarter to eat a packet of peppers from Pizza Hut. Yeah, I cried like a baby, but I don't know what the smoking girl in this video is complaining about. I'd eat a spoonful of cinnamon for fifty cents and not bat an eyelash. ...

8 years ago 1,352,015
[Fire challenge.] Video Play Video

Fire challenge.

In Todays Challenge i Attempt the Chest Hair on Fire challenge .

1 year ago 27,906
[Rookie Challenge] Video Play Video

Rookie Challenge

Break goes to the NBA All-Star game in Phoenix Arizona courtesy of T-Mobile, to cover the Rookie NBA players battle it out against the Sophomores. The Sophomores win thanks to Kevin Durants record breaking 46 points.

6 years ago 21,969
[Comment Challenge] Video Play Video

Comment Challenge

This video is three years in the making.

5 years ago 305
[Tazer Challenge] Video Play Video

Tazer Challenge

This guy is sure that he can walk a straight line 10 feet ahead even after getting tazed.

6 years ago 1,128
[cinnamon challenge] Video Play Video

cinnamon challenge

cinnamon challenge puts most recent cinnamon video to shame!

9 years ago 3,492
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