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[Comic-Con Round Up 2013!] Video Play Video

Comic-Con Round Up 2013!

The ScreenJunkies journeyed to this year's ComicCon - and what they found will astound you! In fact there was so much to cover, we had to split it up over TWO EPISODES!

2 days ago 545
[‘Catching Fire’ Trailer Premieres At Comic-Con] Video Play Video

‘Catching Fire’ Trailer Premieres At Comic-Con

Over the weekend, Katniss and Co. showed up in San Diego at a little thing called Comic-Con to share with 6,000 of their nearest and dearest fans the first trailer for Catching Fire, the Hunger Games sequel due out November 22nd. Rather than recap t...

8 months ago 367
[Best Pranks of 2013] Video Play Video

Best Pranks of 2013

Break's best five pranks of 2013 put together in one compilation video for your viewing pleasure.

3 months ago 186,226
[The Binocular Prank] Video Play Video

The Binocular Prank

This guy tells his buddy that if he stares at the sun with binoculars it causes an automatic sneezing reaction. Meanwhile it was all an elaborate ruse to kick him the balls.

6 years ago 558,594
[That's An Interesting Mid Air Prank] Video Play Video

That's An Interesting Mid Air Prank

So that's why you always see just one shoe on the side of the road, but never a complete pair.

16 hours ago 16,801
[Maze Scare Prank on Little Girl] Video Play Video

Maze Scare Prank on Little Girl

Its been a while since weve posted a good maze scare prank, and this poor little girl's reaction definitely merits revisiting the genre. 2 minutes of fun, the maze scare prank punchline, and a lifetime of therapy. How much longer will people fall for...

6 years ago 2,445,106
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[Comic-Con!!!!] Video Play Video


Best birthday everrrr so say we all -p ...