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[Machine Gun Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Machine Gun Scare Prank

Starting our scare prank contest right, these roommates decide to wake up their buddy with a pretty gangster alarm clock.

4 years ago 63,912,734
[Really Large Dump? This "Louis Slungpue" Prank Call Is Legendary] Video Play Video

Really Large Dump? This "Louis Slungpue" Prank Call Is Legendary

This television station in Los Angeles got trolled by a prank caller using the moniker "Louis Slungpue." The prankster called in and pretended to be an employee of the Department of Public Works.You must watch the video to hear his epic tale and how ...

2 days ago 72,605
[Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents] Video Play Video

Jewish Girl Prank Calls Her Parents

A Jewish girl away from home at college prank calls her parents and tells them she started dating an Italian guy. The father threatens to kill the guy and the mothers comments are priceless.Check out more ...

7 years ago 5,987,365
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[Comic-Con!!!!] Video Play Video


Best birthday everrrr so say we all -p ...