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[Machine Gun Scare Prank] Video Play Video

Machine Gun Scare Prank

Starting our scare prank contest right, these roommates decide to wake up their buddy with a pretty gangster alarm clock.

5 years ago 64,007,189
[Comic-Con Round Up 2013!] Video Play Video

Comic-Con Round Up 2013!

The ScreenJunkies journeyed to this year's ComicCon - and what they found will astound you! In fact there was so much to cover, we had to split it up over TWO EPISODES!

1 year ago 28,245
[Autopsy Prank] Video Play Video

Autopsy Prank

A group of Med Students convince a colleague that he is giving a video lesson on a special autopsy procedure. That would probably give me a heart attack.

8 years ago 2,885,660
[Freak Rips Clothes Off At Comic-Con] Video Play Video

Freak Rips Clothes Off At Comic-Con

Showing his enthusiasm for some movie, he stripped down to his underwear this time. Now I hear he's threatening 'When the movie comes out, I come out.'

4 years ago 68,384
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[Comic-Con!!!!] Video Play Video


Best birthday everrrr so say we all -p ...