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[Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops] Video Play Video

Spanish Girl Stripped and Beat By Cops

A cute young Spanish girl is taken into custody by two female Barcelona police officers who proceed to beat the crap out of her while she is in hand cuffs. Note to self, get arrested in Barcelona.

6 years ago 2,990,195
[How To Fix a Stripped Screw] Video Play Video

How To Fix a Stripped Screw

Check out more tips from Lowe's at Subscribe to Lowe's YouTube for great how to videos and home improvement tips: Or head to our channel: http://www.youtub...

6 months ago 21,680
[Wannabe Model Strips, Faceplants] Video Play Video

Wannabe Model Strips, Faceplants

Everything was going so well until she decided to add a little acrobatic stunt to the catwalk...

1 year ago 22,450


Hi I’m Melissa Villasenor and you’re watching Newsfeed. In big news, TV personality Maria Menounos stripped down to a skimpy Giants-colored bikini in the middle of Times Square after losing a Superbowl bet. I think she was hoping to lose her bet as ...

2 years ago 14,678
[Meanwhile, In Russia - Everything Is A Landing Strip] Video Play Video

Meanwhile, In Russia - Everything Is A Landing Strip

Russia is a fantastically weird country. That's why, every Wednesday, we will present our favorite Russian clip. This week it's video evidence that everywhere in Russia is a great place to land a plane.

1 year ago 416,354
[Guy Angrily Empties Uhaul Onto Vegas Strip] Video Play Video

Guy Angrily Empties Uhaul Onto Vegas Strip

Either this guy was angry about something so he decided to throw out everything he owns onto the Strip, or he doesn't realize you can't live on a major roadway.

1 year ago 74,204
[Man Orders Burger With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon] Video Play Video

Man Orders Burger With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon

This guy went to a Burger King in Japan and ordered a burger with 1,050 strips of bacon then tried to eat it. I don't know what's more amazing, that he tried to eat it all or that this didn't happen in Florida.

1 year ago 109,331
[The Ryan Grant Song (80 yards and 1 TD)] Video Play Video

The Ryan Grant Song (80 yards and 1 TD)

This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever owned Ryan Grant on their fantasy football team. It's always tough to lose those 80 yards and 1 TD to injury. Music by Jonesy.

3 years ago 6,719
[Slave Leia PSA Starring Kaley Cuoco] Video Play Video

Slave Leia PSA Starring Kaley Cuoco

In this new Nerd PSA, actress Kaley Cuoco addresses an important issue affecting cosplay girls across the globe. With so many choices available to women who cosplay, there's no reason everyone needs to be Slave Leia. By acting now, we can save Slave ...

2 years ago 561,041
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