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[The Ryan Grant Song (80 yards and 1 TD)] Video Play Video

The Ryan Grant Song (80 yards and 1 TD)

This song is dedicated to anyone who has ever owned Ryan Grant on their fantasy football team. It's always tough to lose those 80 yards and 1 TD to injury. Music by Jonesy.

3 years ago 6,730
[Slave Leia PSA Starring Kaley Cuoco] Video Play Video

Slave Leia PSA Starring Kaley Cuoco

In this new Nerd PSA, actress Kaley Cuoco addresses an important issue affecting cosplay girls across the globe. With so many choices available to women who cosplay, there's no reason everyone needs to be Slave Leia. By acting now, we can save Slave ...

3 years ago 562,610
[Thailand's Got Boob Painters] Video Play Video

Thailand's Got Boob Painters

Recently, on Thailand's Got Talent, this woman displayed her amazing breast-painting skills. Afterward, Jackson Pollock got so angry he punched a small child.

2 years ago 135,396
[Rat Trap Vs Fat Kid's ManBoobs] Video Play Video

Rat Trap Vs Fat Kid's ManBoobs

This guy lets his friends snap two rat traps onto his manrack. His chest resisted those rat traps the same way he resists dietary advice.

3 years ago 659,181
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