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Hi I’m Melissa Villasenor and you’re watching Newsfeed....

5 years ago 4,252
[Scary Christina Aguilera Lipsync] Video Play Video

Scary Christina Aguilera Lipsync

Note to self: Never, EVER, let the genie out of the bottle. Just out of curiosity, which would you rather... exorcise!

5 years ago 67,381
[Belly Dancer Has Amazing Hips] Video Play Video

Belly Dancer Has Amazing Hips

In honor of the earthquakes in Los Angeles tonight, here's an example of some serious shaking. This chick's hips are made of jello on springs. ...

7 years ago 554,947
[Belly Dance Fail] Video Play Video

Belly Dance Fail

This belly dance video features a beautiful girl who gets in a fight with a curtain. It just reached out and pushed her. I saw it, girl. I'm on your side. ...

6 years ago 159,633
[Dreamy New Clip from Christina Ricci's After.Life] Video Play Video

Dreamy New Clip from Christina Ricci's After.Life

With its August 3rd DVD release date just around the corner, check out this creepy new clip from After.Life, which features the adorable Christina Ricci (who I've crushed on since the Addams Family!) in a dream sequence.

6 years ago 2,320
[Worst Belly Dancer in the World] Video Play Video

Worst Belly Dancer in the World

Thanks to the internet all you need is a webcam to show off your bedroom belly dancing skills to the entire world. Millions of people can watch you dance so seductively that your furniture actually starts to fall for you.

8 years ago 172,049
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